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four stopped the dishonesty in your life. just stand for the truth. from new york, good night welcome to "red eye." it is like walking on sunshine if by sunshine you mean my house boy, raul. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> the democratic party has a new logo and it is really snazzy. if by snazzy you mean totally lame. and a massachusetts school district is forced to apologize after several students participate in a prayer service during a field trip to a mosque. the shocking story that will shock you if you are even still capable of being shocked anymore. quite frankly i don't think you are. and finally a village for cats? why does it look like i am asking questions? that's how we do it in the tv business. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> the owl shriek at thy birth. a bad sign. >> that's because the owl was
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my father. go away. she can kill with you her looks or shotgun. i am here with sc-cupp. she is so hot that coffee sues her for being spilled on her lap. wow. my head hurts. criminal df attorney re in -- criminal defense attorney remy spencer. she is so wonderful that her bra is called the remy bra. and my repulsive schultz kick, bill side. i am changing your name. and sitting next to me, he scares the crap out of me. he is the amazing host of discuff rechannel's "shark week." he is the only red better ray who watches project run ray. see, i -- project runway. >> and it is actually a green beret. >> a red beret is what you wear on the weekend, sir, that is what you wear on the weekend.
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>> i mate it up just now, and i screwed it up. >> you know, you could just skip the next part and let's move to the real thing. and most of his minute -- minions spell unions. >> what is black and white and red all over? wearing greg's red beret. you've ban fact checked, sir. >> shut up, everybody. >> they put the "o" in logo. just in time for the mid-term, democrats have come up with a new slogan, change that matters. they also unveiled the new party logo. it is kind of sexy, if you ask me. you can't have a logo without merchandise to carry the logo. tonight in an exclusive unveiling, red eye is producing a whole new line of swag bearing the big "d." this one here you can carry all of your back issues or al gore's massage oils and joe
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biden's extra hair plugs. and here is another d-bag. it is perfect for the next cycle for recycling 5k. it is a d-bag for a d-bag, if you will. and now for blue collared it is good for a bowling ball. you can put a head in there. and for the wealthy wine and cheese crowd, isn't this adorable? this is a d-bag for your doggie bag. what a bunch of d-bags. what do you make of the logo? do you like it? >> it looks like a super hero thing, democrat man. >> so they are come together rescue? >> yes, they already have, as we know. and that's going to continue which we know. and i think it is funny. it is one of those things where it seems like they are having some problems a little bit. we'll leave it at that. so they have to repackage it. >> they had problems, but we are not going to leave it at that. >> we are going to beat it into the ground. >> exactly. they called this earlier in the week a major announcement.
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did it live up to your expectations? >> i was floored. >> were you? >> i was floored. i almost passed out. this is dumb stuff. do me the logo looks like the twitter logo, like a t. i am not into it. and change the -- and change that matter matters? that doesn't even anything. it is like pony rides and motorcycle helmets. >> i like that. >> that's a good slogan. xylophones and space monkeys. i can put anything together i want. >> red berets and sharks. don't laugh, i am dying here. remy will these d-bags ever be successful? >> i don't know if this logo is going to be what helps them get more support. look, it is smart. they -- their support is dwindling so you try to rebrand yourself. >> i like how they show that instead of you talk. >> it is much more interesting. >> that's what i mean.
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you are pretty and that is ugly. >> it reminds me something of like "electric company" from when we are little or" sesame street" so it can be taken as a little insulting to people if that's what they are trying to do is bring more supporters. >> bill, can you imagine how much money someone was paid to come up with that? probably more than you will ever see in your lifetime. >> that's true, and i will pause for a moment as a tear trickles down my make upped face. i think the republicans need a revamping as well. they need material that is rated r. >> love it. >> it will be all rated r material. it will warn people about content as far as mosqueed anger. and closeted gays. that will be the content. >> that's the only republicans out there. >> let's move on. >> from d-bags to delaware. so the tea party experienced major victories, and everyone
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noticed focusing on kristine o'donnell's surprise win in the delaware primary over mike castle. roll animation animation rollers.
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>> he survived. does the animation reflect these victories accurately? >> i wish i knew what they were saying. i bet it is really good and unpredictable and hard to follow. yeah, great job. i can't believe they know who some of these people are like markows sc i. most don't know who she is. >> i have no clue either. i thought they captured the energy of the tea party and it is barreling down at the powers that be and are scaring the heck out of them. this woman who won, o'donnell, her personal finances are dire. she is kind of an interesting candidate, but doesn't that make her more lovable? >> taiwan we know in a government they beat each other up on film. that kind of animation is perfect for them. with o'donnell the problem people are having is conservatives did not vote for a guy who is conservative. now she will have problems.
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it is a little disappointing that other republicans are ganging up on her. but i get it. mike castle was not a republican. i think it shows the anger. it is the informative -- is it the inrm toed public. they are on to this -- it is the informed public. >> i think that was a wise answer. the thing is about her i find interesting is she has these issues that i think people forgive her for. everybody is in a tough spot right now. she has financial problems, but so does everybody else. they are like over looking that. am i right or am i wrong? >> it could be. i don't know. i think it is a very understandable place to be. i think people can relate to that. but as far as this video is earn cked, i agree. i would like to know what they were saying. i will wait for the dubbed version. >> i think it was sub titled, but blocked by the lower third. >> i want to go back to the financial problems. i have financial problems.
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i've got financial problems. i have yet to rob a bank, yet. she took funds donated to her to pay her rent. that's theft. >> the thing is her defense was she was living there and that was her campaign office. i have done that before. who hasn't? when i was running for class president in seventh grade, that's how my mom paid our rent. >> forget the financial problems. i am just saying, no one got ahead by being anti-master because. >> i will tell you there is a little sexism going on. we appreciate the ambition in men. this is a woman who would rather be a tv star than a politician. you can say that about every single person on the planet. my feeling is, sarah palin is like scooby doo. o'donnell is scrap pea doo. -- scrappy doo. >> and what happened to the
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series when scrappy was introduced? >> i keep hearing people say baggage. you have a sweet land deal with the dude in jail. you are very good friends with a guy who is an american terrorist. you went to a itch church for 20 years -- you went to a church for 20 years with baggage. >> even biden has baggage. >> but at least they don't care what i am doing to myself when i am watching cinemax. >> you know who cares? your neighbor because you never shut your blinds. >> i am a mowner -- when i mow my lawn. a massachusetts school district has had to apologize after a parent videotaped kids participating in midday muslim prayers during a field trip to a nearby mosque. roll tape, tape rollers. >> all the women chaperons, female teachers and girls were asked to leave the prayer area. the boys were asked to stay.
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because we were sitting far away, i didn't notice it at first, but i was shocked to look up and see some of the middle schoolboys praying with the men at the mosque following the movements of the faithful, their fore heads on the ground. apparently while we weren't looking, the boys were asked to join in the prayer and some of them did. >> it makes some people look blurry. it was a field trip called "enduring beliefs of the day." it was a trip to a synagogue. in addition to prayers, the students were taught that jihad is a personal, spiritual struggle that has nothing to do with holy war and islam is pro woman. peep this, peepers.
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>> who knew? who knew islam was so progressive? superintendent belle wong issued a statement saying, i extend my sincere apologies and regret the offense it may cause. it was not the intent for students to participate in religious practices. the fact any students were allowed to do this in this case was an error. so wong was wrong. did the whole story for that. i'm serious. she quickly cancelled the following field trip which sucks for everyone. terry, there is a lot wrong with this story. >> i think actually when i read it a couple times -- a time, i thought it was probably an honest mistake. i was thinking indock trough nation. i don't think it was that.
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but i think it is interesting that what is funny, right before they separated the crowd into a boys and girls and the boys can pray. they said, by the way, we are pro women. it has gotten to the point where does anybody believe in these guys? >> that's a great point. the operative word was, "was." what happened? it is like evolution in reverse. it is like oh my god. >> wait a minute. maybe they have the right idea. >> back then they were voting and it didn't work. look who they elected. it is crazy people. here is the thing that drives me nuts. the guy who founded the mosque is in prison for 23 years on a terror sentence for i guess working with al-qaeda. that's not the place to take a sixth grader, is it in. >> he was the only one involved. there was no further involvement with this mosque
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with terror or crime, it would not bar it from children visiting. but i think in this case, the school is to wlaim. -- to blame. i don't think they brought them there to have them off trying to get them to pray, but they had an obligation to the parents. >> they didn't know. >> the parents did not have informed concept, and these are young, impressionable children. i think somebody will get fired at that school. and i think that probably is the right thing. >> sc, here is the thing, the issue is not that they went to the mosque. we want to be clear about that. they participated. you are an atheist. >> are you? >> yes. she does yell oh god, but for entirely different reasons. where is the aclu? >> good . -- good point. maybe it wasn't wrong to take them to a mosque. but a field trip to a church would never have been sanctioned. and i am glad to know that the middle school is standing firm behind prayer in school again.
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great, good to know. i'm on your side wellsly middle school. >> bill, what do you make of this, if you make anything of it at all? >> he doesn't make anything. >> i was raised catholic, which is why i have a horrible drug problem. but i am in agreement with sc. they went to a synagogue, why not go to a church? they should be bored equally. >> when i was a kid we went to petting zoos and i got bit by a llama. did you know they bit? >> you were heavy petting. >> i was heavy petting. i pushed the boundaries, that's true. the weirdest thing is we ended up living together for three years in an apartment. >> the whole time you kept spelling llama with one "l." do you know how much that bothered her? >> it was my passive way of attacking her for all that spiting in the bathtub. from a field trip to a fraud. the crappy movie with joaquin
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phoenix playing himself on a downward spiral was a performance. according to the director, none was real including the messed up appearance on "letterman." >> you look different than i remember you. you have a nice beard going. >> oh yeah, thank you. >> how is that, the beard? is it comfortable or are you pleased with it? >> i'm all good, but now you are making me feel weird about it. >> according to casey affleck, the director and friend of phoenix, for two years the star presented himself on screen and off as a drug addict rap star. affleck tells "the new york times" said he put his professional life on the line to start a bit of gonzo film making. he merely wanted the audience to experience the disintegration of celebrity without the preconceived notion. one scene in the film was real. can we see it?
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>> thank you for that one. shultz, anytime -- it is a fact that anytime someone uses the word "gonzo" to describe anything, it is going to suck. >> and i'm sorry. he is one of the most over rated writers ever. he is a hack who just took drugs. it should have been "i am a hack who takes drugs." i'm sorry, he sucks. he always sucked. put down your bong and read the book unhigh. the problem with the movie was it was so poorly conceived and so obviously a hoax that those
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who knew can't brag we knew it was a hoax from the beginning because it was so obvious. >> terry, it was -- i hate it. celebrities are trying to make a statement, and in a way, all it was was an exercise in superior tee to tell the audience they were smarter than they were. then they found out the audience didn't buy it and now they are saying -- >> is it possible to see a couple hours of cats getting into cans? that was actually way more entertaining. >> go to cats in the can .org. >> don't go to catsican .com, that's a whole different thing. >> i am writing that down. >> people don't like to be made fool of. it happens to me all the time. i don't like. it when people are watching this, and the joke was on them. and then all of a sudden it is like, oh, okay.
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and then the movie apparently sucks. >> that's the other thing. >> if the movie was great, you can get away with everything. >> people will forgive you. >> i think they were thinking, we are going to blow their minds with this one. like we care. like we are that impressed. we have a lot of things to worry about right now. we are not impressed with your two-year uninteresting hoax. >> project runway is in its seventh week. last word, remy. >> why did they need to make a movie out of it? she wrapped it up nicely for you. much like that delightful red dress you are wearing. what am i talking about? >> what are you talking about? it is pink. >> something happened this week. what time is it? coming up, a newspaper for cater pillars written by cater pillars. sc cup on her new project.
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but first, do cats need a town all to themselves, uh ready coulding to cats, yes. -- according to cats, yes.
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it is an exchange of words by a bunch of turds. it is climate disruption. the nation starts a slow cool down toward fall. they want us to forget about the whole global warming thing. he says the term is, quote, the dangerous misnomer. is there ever a healthy misnomer? where is the healthy one? it leads to confusion. instead he wants the public to get used to saying, global climate disruption. it works as a catch all with
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mother nature's tantrums with too much and too little rain or too much mercury on your thermometer. what am i saying? the hardest part is getting joe q playing along. this after the white house dictated phrases, man causes disaster in overseas operation. for more we go to scary clown. >> oh my gosh. >> he is really, really lucky. >> if i saw that on the battlefield, i would run. >> why the clown thing? >> brilliant idea, but i would
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run. i would give up. >> isn't the point here to make a definition so broad it can mean everything and nothing? >> i think even something else for global climate disruption. it is a sci-fi title. you would see that movie because it is probably going to be like lasers and super heroes. but also by saying global climate disruption, you are now making it into an even bigger crisis. and we know, don't let a crisis go to waste. this is making it go to 11. it is turning it to 11. >> i don't know though. i think global warming is not cahing on, so let's change it up and nobody will notice. people stopped paying attention to the form and pay more attention to the substance. maybe they might get some support. but changing the name will not change what it is. >> if they are going to change the name, change it to something like global kittens. everybody loves global kittens. >> everybody would be beyond board. i am beyond global kittens.
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>> you are a monster. >> this is a guy saying population control via abortion is a pretty swell idea. he also likes the idea of poor sterilization. >> i am not surprised. >> who isn't? >> another wacky idea from a wacky guy. >> he is a put bag. bill, every time you enter a room there is some kind of global disruption. >> true. >> i can't argue with that. every disaster i have been through has been caused by a woman. the few disasters self-inflicted, i have been dressed as a woman. >> i don't like that one at all. >> it is not true. >> are you a transgendered-caused disaster. >> there ain't nothing disasterous about this transgender. >> ogbt. >> are you a sequential huh maf raw dite.
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>> i am a sequential hemaphrorite. you can e-mail us if you have a come piewter. if you don't have a computer it won't work out. and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. and still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by blindfolded cliff diving. it rach chets up the danger and works for everyone. thanks blindfolded cliff diving.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. what will do you have planned besides your pottery class? >> that's it. we are doing glazing. it is a big weekend. >> wear a smoke. >> -- smock. >> always. and it has nothing to do with pottery. >> smock and nothing else, that's my motto. >> terry. it could have been worse. greg could have called you a rasberry beret. >> we cleared that up though. >> you know what a red beret is? >> the paratoper before that -- let's move on. >> andy was in the military. >> were you really? >> yeah. >> where were you? what unit? what did you do? >> i don't think that's any of your business. >> that's obviously something. let's move on. >> he was in the military because he was a groupie. >> he dressed as a soldier at
3:32 am
a bar. >> 520 infantry in korea and in fort luis. >> all right, man, god bless. >> new logo for the democratic party. terry, you think it looks like a super hero thing. i think it looks like a target with a "d" in the middle. given the way so many democrats are running away with affiliating with the party, it makes sense. >> they will put it on their back though. >> does anyone know what the old logo was? >> that's a good question. i thought it was a donkey, and then the republicans were like an elephant. >> i think that's a separate thing. this is different. the thing is, it either proves the logo doesn't matter or it was a dam good idea to change it. >> i think it should go back to the donkey and the elephant. >> i always thought the logo was -- i always thought the logo was carl marx smoking a interest jo. -- smoking a joint.
3:33 am
carl marx smoking a joint with woodrow wilson. >> how dare you mention that monster's name on this air? >> and i think they were having gay sex. >>- q. i in california. >> in a -- >> in california. >> in a hybrid. >> you said when support is dwindling, this is what you do, rebrand yourself. did you know tom cannery feered to the healthcare bill as, quote, the affordable care act? >> isn't that interesting? >> they are rebranding across the board. >> it is form over substance, and it will not get them anywhere. >> tea party animation, terry, you said it is a little disappointing that some are ganging up on o'donnell. she is giving them ammunition. >> we were talking about that. she probably deserved it and we like that. we like that idea. i like she has flaws. >> exactly. >> she is one of us, andy. >> she is one of us. >> is she one of you, greg? >> and there is no sexism going on here.
3:34 am
stop that. >> i am just saying, if a guy -- if a guy -- if a politician is interested in being on tv nobody cares. but if it is a woman people think it is like, -- >> i have seen it, greg. >> and any criticism of obama is racism, right, greg? it is that same old story, are you pedaling left and right. >> just because i made -- i had that one meeting in my basement you call me a racist. >> students pray at a mosque while on a field trip. i agree it was ironic after they told them how agree it was they separated them by gender so the men could pray. i'm pretty sure men weren't even allowed to vote under mohamed's rule. >> although, andy, interesting to note, goats can totally vote. goats have the right to vote. >> what do you vote for? i only want eight stones when you stone me. >> you generally don't vote
3:35 am
when you are being lead by the profit of god. -- the prophet of god. those that operate the mosque said nobody invited the kids to pray. one of the chaperons said, they were not asked to pray and they were not refused. some boys sat behind the men and copied them, but it wasn't like they had to. who knows? sc i agree with the prayer in school comment and you said a trip to the church would not be sanctioned. but i think that's because we have separation of church and state and not separation of mosque and state. >> indeed. affleck says joaquin phoenix is a put on. so instead of a crappy documentary it is a crappy mock you mentary. russ thompson did not always put fear loathing. >> i didn't read it. >> be truthful. >> and you mentioned how everyone knew the phoenix
3:36 am
thing was a exho. one of david letterman's monologue writers said dave knew it and he loved it because he could play along. he did it and it was great television. >> i would be surprised if dave didn't know it. of course he knew. >> right, exactly. >> the other dead give away, andy, is that he adopted a hip hop career. everybody knows that is ridiculous. he should have chosen a more legitimate and realistic goal like being a decent person. i will spend two years being a decent person and people will think the documentary is real. >> i don't think anyone would have believed that. >> here is the problem with that, no blow, no hookers. >> good point too. >> climate disruption, greg, you pointed out how the obama administration has done something similar. overseas contingency, war on terror. also, terry, you may remember, the pentagon renamed the
3:37 am
psychological operations to the military information support operations are on miso. >> yeah, sure. i don't even listen to that. we do what we do. there are all sorts of crazy acro anymores. -- acro anymores. >> you are miso horny. i had to do it. >> i am done. >> are you really? >> yeah. >> well, it is about that time. we were getting tired of you. see you later. should there be laws against a ranch full of paws? craig grant sure hopes not after the totally normal pet owner's cat gets knocked up over what witnesses say was another cat. so craig moved his 11 felines to a cat ranch and proceeded to adopt 650 other versions of the vermin. the sanctuary dubbed "caboodle ranch, has each $550 a year to
3:38 am
tend to and that does not count vet bills. and don't think you can adopt. none are up for sale. says craig, quote, the cats at the ranch have their forever home dma. -- home now. let's go live to the ranch to ask residents about the living conditions. >> they are annoying, fury creatures that are annoying. remy is a man with a lot of cats creepier than a woman with a lot of cats? this is an important question
3:39 am
for andy. >> you know i don't like to get personal on the air. i think a woman with a lot of cat is someone we should be concerned about. i am not saying there is anything wrong with it. i probably wouldn't date the man. >> andy, let me go to you. >> i wouldn't date a man with a lot of cats either. >> are you the least bit jealous over this man's cat castle. my two cats, greg and bill, are enough for me. anything more than that would be redundant. >> how many times do i have to tell you, i am a cat and change the litter box. >> and i say yes, you are, and no. >> terry, are you a shark expert. aren't cats furry versions of sharks? >> no. >> no? >> i throw them in the water a lot and they don't know how to swim. >> but they are cute. i want to watch more. >> you have a soft spot for
3:40 am
animals sh don't you? >> i do. it is called a water bed. >> isn't it glorified animal hoarding? >> to me it has the makings of another jonestown. >> stay away from the cool aide cat. >> you know what, if you ever went to that play it would be like the seen in "the omen" where damion and his mom are driving through the saw far repark and the animals go nut because they know what he is. animals know. >> i know. but i would bring my gun so it would be okay. >> last question, bill, does it make you sad these animals live a better life than you ever hope to have. >> and they smell better too. >> i love the fact that the bug population is dwindling. any neighbor, what i would like to do is look out and see a yard full of birds, inbred,
3:41 am
awful creatures. >> they had a place like this in allentown, pennsylvania. it was called the dump. it was a big mound of trash with cats on it. they seemed happy. the kids played with the cat and got some infections. coming up, we snort what is left in bill's nose. first, what will i ask our resident shark expert? problem -- probably something about his. >> that's a house on wheels i live in.
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did a fisherman inadvertently fish a man? ule signs point to gross after they spotted a leg poking out of a beast's mouth. it revealed a torso, two severed arms. further evidence show it was some judd son newton.
3:45 am
he was last seen swimming ashore when his boat broke down in august. now let's go to terry who is a discovery channel "shark week" host. he knows dorsal fins like i know potato skins. if bill were eaten by a shark, how long would it take for bill to be digested? >> never. you could never digest bill. that's because bill is gold. >> i would be invested in. >> sharks can't digest gold. next we. -- next question. >> shark attacks could be foul play and people could dispose the bodies, and then it could look like they were eaten, but in fact the shark just ate the body after it was killed. tiger sharks, which by the way, fyi, that's where i was filming "shark week" and never
3:46 am
saw that 12-foot tiger. i would have run also. so no that is possible. it is one of two things happening with this guy. he drowned. the other lesson of this is never get out of the boat. >> don't leave the boat, man. i wasn't -- i don't know how far he was from shore. he must have looked at it and said, hold my beer and then went off into the water. he may have drowned and tiger sharks are also known as the garbage cans of the ocean. they eat everything. >> my motto is, never get on a boat. that way i will never get off the boat. it will never happen. what can people do to avoid getting eaten. is there any kind of cologne? is there any kind of language they should speak? is there a particular dance they should do? >> no. and we have talked earlier about the shark repel they have been working on.
3:47 am
it is not done yet. there is no shark repel lept. -- repellant. if you are swimming in the ocean and he comes along and he hasn't eaten in awhile, it is one of those things. >> if he is full, will he not eat you? >> that's a good question. >> because i keep eating. >> we eat until we vomit. >> i will eat chinese food and then order more food. i am usually naked on my floor. >> and spun comes in and goes -- and someone comes in and says, dude, what is up? >> they do gorge. again it is a mistaken pray. he may not be able to swallow you, but the fact that the leg was sticking out of the mouth, i was trying to square it up. it was september 29th when the dude went over board. it was august 29th, and then september 4th is when the guy pulled the shark out
3:48 am
of water. >> that's a longtime. >> and the leg was still there. >> makes more sense with the drowning thing and he was throating around of the -- floating around. >> because of the time lag, his body may have been there and the tiger shark is like, slept. -- excellent. chinese food. >> squint, from "jaws" was he pure awesome? that's from a viewer. >> no. he was pure awesome. >> like the man we all aspire to. >> i wish i was him. and it could happen. >> do sharks really die if they stop moving forward? >> yeah, they don't have fish have fins that can blow water out so it can take oxen general out. sharks don't have that. so in order to breathe they have to move forward. even if i was doing "shark week" he was trapped in a cage and not doing well and i had to let him out. >> you don't find a lot of
3:49 am
sharks in aquariums. are they too hard to take care of? or do they eat everything. >> you have to figure out which ones can be there. i have seen sharks in aquariums. >> great whites though -- >> no, not great whites. >> there has never been one held successfully in activity. they have whale sharks. >> well, maybe it rubs off a little bit. >> you do love, thats. >> i have never been in an aquarium. i just asked that out of the blue. >> there are sharks at an aquarium, but never have i seen a great white. >> they die. >> i think it is racist to call it great white. there is no difference. i will read your e-mails, average white.
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it is mail time. the address is red eye at fox news .com. you write, i read and then we shave each other's chests. molly says, did i see you weren't wearing your wedding ring? don't tease. you and hannah tee better put your rings back on. both myself and sean did not wear our wedding rings last night. there was no special reason and it has nothing to do with our up coming weekend trip to
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vermont. we are not making it firm until the laws are changed. jack says -- that's his name -- but one of your house boys escaped and was reading your book under the table. jack, you are refering to an incident that occurred yesterday. none of us were aware higho had gotten out, and he was severely punished for it. but the problem with julio, he loves to be severely punished. i love to severely punish him. it is a match made in heaven or hell which is what i call the crawlspace. matt from scottsdale named after scott and dale writes -- "being that" red eye" is a quality production, it is upset to see your dabble wobbling. can you put a napkin or piece of paper causing the problems. i love you people. maybe acquisition a new one, better yet. our table was not wobbling, but you were incredibly drunk.
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cut back on the booze or take pictures of yourself nude and send them in. either way i would like to see you naked. it had nothing to do with the letter. finally, pe from baltimore says -- regardless to shirtless man reading it during the wednesday show. not once did i ever see him with any sign let alone laugh, circle and chirmer. julio never laughs because my words mean too much to him to ridge sister his -- to register his language. he is understanding what those missing fliers mean with his name on them. why am i on that picture? julio, come home. >> we will close things out with andy levy.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> sc, are you making your movie debut? >> i am. i am in the new citizens movie. it pre premieres on wednesday in dc. >> excellent. penicillin usually clear that's right up. >> i will let them know. >> terry what do you have? >> doing stuff with a special operations warrior foundation. they are the beth. they take -- they are the best. they take care of their families and i want to go to the cat ranch too. don't judge. >> it is not that kind of cat ranch. remy how was your trip to boston with one bill shultz. >> it was a lot of fun. i got to see my first baseball game at fenway park. as bill would say, we saw the white sox beat -- >> the dead sox. >> andy, you have to go?
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